PDF Scanning Services

Don’t let the pile of paperwork affect your business’ productivity. Get your important paper-based documents scanned and converted into a widely accepted electronic format, PDF, with Interloper, Inc.’s PDF Scanning Services. By using state-of-the-art Scanners and OCR tools, we help a wide range of industries in converting their paper-based workflow to digital format and improve their document management practices.

pdf scanning services

Information available in PDF format is easy to search, access, and distribute. At Interloper, Inc., we help business owners in scanning a wide range of documents into PDF files which include, but is not limited to:

  • Business / Accounting Records
  • Brochures / Catalogs
  • Manuals
  • Books

We scan over 10,000 pages in a day and cater to bulk PDF scanning requirements of our clients, easily. Once the files have been scanned into the PDF format, our QA team scrutinizes the document to fulfil our quality commitments. Being an ISO 27001 certified PDF scanning company, we ensure optimum security of your data.

Types of PDF Scanning Services offered at Interloper, Inc.

PDF Searchable Image

This type of PDF scanning produces an image of the original document. Scanned text presented in this format can be searched, but not edited.

PDF Formatted Text and Graphics

This process will present information directly from scanned paper documents and is preferred when file size is a factor. Scanned text presented in this format can be edited.

PDF Image Only

In this process, Scanned documents will be in PDF format but will not be searchable or editable.

Based on your requirements, our experts will help you determine the best type of PDF scanning services. We will index the scanned files and have them stored in CD or DVD for your ease of retrieval and sharing.