Address Management Services

A regularly updated and precise address database is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign.

Accurate and consistent data input contribute in a major way in both building and maintaining an effective address database.Sales and marketing

address management serives

performances are often hampered because of erroneous or incomplete contact databases. People and businesses seem to be constantly in flux changing their postal addresses, phone numbers, web addresses, email ids or even their business locations. This unceasing mobility, in its wake can leave you with incomplete and redundant data logjam.

Target the right people, and acquire and expand your customer base with our effective and accurate address management services. We, at Interloper, Inc. can help you with:

  • Getting rid of redundant data from your customer lists
  • Verifying and validating addresses to ensure that have the right postal codes
  • Identifying customers who have changed places

Just to ensure that every record has the right elements to leverage the deliverability of data, we have developed extensive data processing capabilities. We can clean, verify and standardize your data. We can also mend and restore “erroneous” international data records which have been squeezed in into unsuitable data formats in sales, ERP and CRM systems, right down to recognizing / figuring out missing or misplaced special characters and re-introducing them back into the data. We help you with:

De-duplicating the Address Data
As addresses can be written in a variety of formats, the method of pinpointing duplicate records is difficult and complicated. Interloper, Inc. helps you unearth all the unusable data, making your database precise, functional and valuable.

Standardizing the Address
We standardize the address to make it complete and well-formatted, correctly spelled, and abbreviated.

Verifying & Validating the Address
We scrub your mailing addresses. To increase the deliverability of any address, we authenticate and validate it.