Data Abstraction Services

With our Data Abstraction Services, Interloper, Inc. assists you in distilling down your crucial data from the available information sources, empowering you with all the critical information at your fingertips. Our extensive Data Abstraction Services include:

Data Abstraction

  • Meticulously reading, reviewing, extracting and aggregating the required information, specifics and details from huge volumes of data
  • Presenting the key points in a compact and concise manner with referenced section headings, without losing any important data from the source document
  • Making use of a variety of resources like web, printed files, documents provided by you, etc., to search for your requisite piece of information
  • Proofing, editing and rigorous quality checking for precise and superior output

Our data management team is adept at a wide gamut of Data Abstraction Services, including extracting information about the businesses through corporate reports, production data, services / products documents, customer details, in addition to research and academic data abstraction like biographic, survey results, news abstraction, etc.

We enable investors and financial professionals through our specialized SEC Filing Abstraction Services by filtering information about enterprises they are assessing for investment reasons. Our Lease Abstraction Services offer solutions for commercial real estate managers and owners, making all relevant information readily accessible to them at once.