Data Scrubbing Services

Data Scrubbing, also called as data cleansing, is the process of identifying incorrect, invalid, obsolete, incomplete and outdated information from a database, and rectifying it to ensure that the dataset is accurate, current and complete. At Interloper, Inc., we provide high-quality data scrubbing services at cost-effective prices to assist data-intensive organizations in the field of banking, retail, insurance, transportation and telecommunication efficiently manage their databases.


With an optimum blend of talented professionals, advanced technology and tried and tested methods, we help you maintain a clean database. Our staff can efficiently manage all facets of data scrubbing and data cleansing, ensuring that it is error-free and up-to-date. They can manage data of your customers, partners, business records and a lot more.

Let’s walk you through our key data scrubbing services:

Correcting customers’ records: To ensure that your customers’ database is cleaned and updated, we use advanced techniques and manage addresses and other contact information of your prospects so that you can effectively communicate with them.


De-duplicating data: As your database is huge, there are chances that it contains duplicate information. So, we verify and cleanse the database to ensure that it doesn’t contain duplicate information.

Adding missing information: We ensure that you have complete and updated records. Our experts identify missing entries and complete them. For example: Post codes, email addresses, states, country, phone area codes, etc.

Standardizing data: To help you gain easy access to clean and dependable database, we standardize it and make sure that it is consistent across all platforms. For example: Customers’ data is entered in this sequence – Contact’s first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number, residential address, official address etc.,

Normalizing data: Our experts help you normalize similar data throughout the dataset. As an example: mister, Mr., mr are all converted to Mr. In a similar fashion, web and email addresses are also checked and re-formatted, if required.

Verifying and enriching data: To ensure that your database is authentic, our professionals verify and validate the records thoroughly.

Once your database is de-duplicated, verified, validated, properly formatted and cleansed, we deliver you the file in the most preferred file format including Excel, CSV, PDF, SQL database, XML, TIFF, etc.

Benefits of having a clean and updated database

  • Helps in making well-informed business decisions
  • Helps in formulating effective marketing strategies and mailing campaigns
  • Improves the quality of data
  • Reduces mailing costs
  • Ensures customer relationship activities are well-planned and efficient
  • Ensures that the dataset is meaningful, uniform, accurate, complete, well-formatted and current

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management System, we stay committed to delivering high-quality services to our clients.