Data Standardization

The most critical step towards ensuring that your data is ready to be shared across the enterprise, data standardization helps you make your data consistent and clear. Data consistency affirms dependable output, facilitating the identification of related data using common terminology and format. Clarity of data enables it to be easily understood by even those who are not directly involved with the process of data maintenance.


Interloper, Inc. can help you perform detailed standardization to eliminate any inconsistencies in the data, and manage how your output appears. We’re experienced at choosing the output terms, phrases, or particular attributes within your dataset. For instance, your data may contain numerous forms of the word ‘highlighter’, appearing as ‘hi-lighter’ or ‘hi-liters’ in the input data. We can support you in standardizing the output of all such terms.

Standardized data work effectively with other applications and systems, in the organization, comprising CRM, ERP, MDM, eCommerce platforms and more. Equipped with comprehensive data standardization competencies, at Interloper, Inc. we use a combination of cutting-edge data scrubbing, data matching and de-duplication techniques.

With ground-level experience spanning more than a decade, and with virtually every industry type, both in the domestic and international markets, we have dealt with and straightened out almost every possible data inconsistency.

Employing our advanced capabilities, we can standardize data from any data domain, including:

  • Name data
  • Address data
  • Business data
  • Financial data
  • Product data