Database Maintenance and Update Services

Huge amount of information in your cumbersome databases is of no use unless it is not managed properly and updated regularly. Interloper, Inc.’s database maintenance and update services are designed to help business of all shapes and sizes in managing the entire data cycle to enable informed decision making process, enhance operational efficiency and reduce risk. Following a holistic approach, we assist right from building, maintaining to updating your customer and marketing database at frequent intervals.


Database Maintenance and Update- One of Our Core Strengths

Interloper, Inc. has been providing a complete suite of database maintenance and update services for diverse industry verticals for more than a decade and a half. Our process includes managing names, job titles, addresses, phone numbers, email ids and other contact details of the prospects in the database and periodically updating, correcting and verifying it.

As part of our services, we begin by cleaning the database, removing obsolete and redundant information, de-duplicating the data by matching, merging and purging, verifying the records and completing the missing details, if any. We can also help you manage your business records and ensure that they are up-to-date. Our experts work as an extended arm of your organization and deftly work with ASP, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, MS Access, MySQL, etc.

Interloper, Inc.’s Data Maintenance and Update Methodology

Identify: The first step is to identify obsolete, incomplete, duplicate and erroneous information in your database.

Analyze: Our experts scrutinize the data and cleanse, enrich, normalize and standardize it to ensure that the information is accurate.

Monitor and Update: Ensuring that the data in your databases is correct and complete, we monitor the quality of your data at regular intervals and update it, as and when required.

Advantages with Interloper, Inc.

  • Interloper, Inc. has been helping data-intensive organizations in the field of banking & finance, transport, real estate & mortgage, education, insurance, health and eCommerce boost operational efficiency and performance through effective, high-quality data maintenance and update services.
  • We support our clients and provide automated as well as manual validation processes to enhance the quality of data and ensure that it is current and correct to the last detail. We are ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management System, and are committed to delivering high quality services with 99.995% accuracy.
  • As an ISO 27001 certified organization, we assure complete data security and confidentiality. We adhere to strict security protocols and ensure that the safety of your data is not jeopardized.
  • With our cost-effective services, we help you save your company’s expense by up to 40-50%.