Email Validation Services

Interloper, Inc. provides cost effective email validation services to businesses across the world, helping them improve the reach and delivery rate of their email marketing campaigns. Backed by our experience of more than a decade and a half, we clean your email address lists, thereby reducing the number of email bounces, complaints and spam traps, and increasing opens, clicks and conversions.


Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals has access to cutting-edge technology and tools to help you identify invalid, incorrect and non-working email addresses, thus enabling you to approach the target audience and boost your marketing efforts. Using manual as well as automated methods, our experts scrutinize all the email addresses for authenticity and accuracy. They use high quality validation tools to ensure that the structure of the email ids conform to Internet standards and Internet Service Providers’ (ISP) rules.

Our portfolio of email validation services, includes:

With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled speed and accuracy, we help you efficiently connect with your valuable customers. Our experts identify dead domain names, invalid email addresses and typographical errors and ensure that you send the messages to valid and deliverable email addresses, thereby helping you reach the target market just in time. Listed below is our email validation process:

  • Syntax checks: Our professionals thoroughly check the email address lists and ensure that each address includes ‘@’ sign, domain doesn’t start with hyphen and the ‘dots’ are in the correct sequence.
  • Server checks: We check domains of all the addresses and make sure that the domain servers are valid.
  • Email correction: Our experts identify spelling errors and typos in the email addresses and correct them. They also remove bogus email addresses from the lists.
  • Thorough Spam Trap Suppression: We identify and remove spam traps, frequent spam complainers, honeypots, malicious entries, invalid domains and fake addresses from the list.

When the process is complete, we provide you with a validated, up-to-date email list so that you can target the right prospects and boost your marketing efforts.

Benefits of email validation:

  • Reduces bounce rates
  • Keeps your list up-to-date
  • Helps you maintain sender reputation with ISPs
  • Enhances performance of email marketing campaigns
  • Helps you protect your brand reputation with customers
  • Ensures that your email lists do not contain invalid, non-existent email address