Website Data Scraping Services

With its website data scraping services, Interloper, Inc. helps you obtain high-value data from the internet that can enhance agility, improve strategic insights, and create new opportunities for you to enhance the profitability of your organization.


At Interloper, Inc., we have a team of expert web scraping professionals who can extract data from scores of websites. Through our comprehensive Web Data Research Services, we support you to:

  • Harvest list and directory data from the web and transfer it to a format of your choice
  • Gain deeper product marketing and customer insights form blogs, forums, and review sites
  • Monitor Competitor price, location, and services
  • Extract website Data for competitive analysis and research
  • Research Social media for analyzing trends and customer behavior
  • Acquire real-time and general updates of exchange, insurance, interest, mortgage rates, etc.
  • Automated Keyword Searches on prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Monitor web pages and provide content updates from your suppliers’ website
  • Create RSS feeds, harvest photographs, PDFs, icons, etc.
  • Scrape product reviews and ratings, keywords, email addresses, etc.

Our utilization of cutting-edge tools ensures that we can even mine data from sites using JavaScript, jQuery, MooTools framework, etc., and CAPTCHA challenge response systems enabled sites.

Benefits with Interloper, Inc.

  • Use of geographically diverse proxies to maintain confidentiality
  • Wide range of global and local sites scraped ensuring analytical results
  • Leading-edge scraping systems with multiple spiders for crawling websites ensuring fast TAT
  • Team of expert professionals with experience mapping across diverse verticals
  • Cost-effective services with optimum focus on accuracy

Whether you want to create a service directory, generate a marketing database, track competitor prices, produce a contact list for telemarketing, or monitor your web presence, we can mine and extract the relevant information for you and funnel it in a wide variety of formats like MS Excel, CSV, XML, and many others.