Account Profiling Services

With improved market intelligence through account profiling services, make new and wide inroads into existing and prospective accounts.


Account profiling and sales intelligence services at Interloper, Inc. help you gain relevant background information and identify hard-to-find facts on the operations of a potential customer, the structure of the business, key decision makers in addition to the decision making process, current vendors, and their future plans to help you determine the business potential within an account.

Our account profiling services provide twofold support to your business:

  • We provide your sales teams with the information and insight into markets and prospect accounts that represent the most promising opportunities for you to help you close your sales deals more effectively and intelligently.
  • We also smoothen your marketing process involved in closing the sale by providing actionable intelligence to design and tailor your messages or to modify solutions in sync with the market demand and to position yourself competitively.

Using a combination of sales data research techniques, we acquire the desired information pertaining to the account profile, viz.:

  • Strategic business units and structure of the enterprise
  • Key products, solutions or services
  • Organogram – the organizational ‘mapping’ of key executives and decision makers
  • List of key contacts in each business vertical, including a synopsis of their roles and responsibilities
  • Financial overview comprising revenue generation, profitability, growth, etc.
  • Charting of business opportunities – immediate, midterm, longer-term or even buried sales prospects along with top selection criteria, timeline for purchase and budget approval processes
  • Key competitor information, accompanied with the current vendors and associates list
  • Details of the recent contracts
  • Trigger points and areas of grievances