Appointment Setting Services

Increase sales – not reps, with our appointment setting services!

We can qualify your target accounts, set confirmed appointments, and support your sales management team to convert it into qualified business opportunities.

Our appointment setting services at Interloper, Inc. benefit our customers with improved business performance, value-added decision making, and superior focus on driving closed revenue. Our appointment setting services are based on your company’s USP, its products, services or solutions, and your target market segment.


Appointment Setting Services at Interloper, Inc. : What We Do?

  • In line with our consolidated approach, we conduct a comprehensive profiling of your current and potential customer accounts. Towards this, we can make use of your existing prospect list or alternatively you can seek help from our Contact Discovery Services team to build a tailored prospect databank.
  • We are adept at working both through offline databases as well as your company’s customer relationship management application.
  • Our Appointment Setting Services take care of full project management including all follow-ups, reminders or other prompts and reschedules, if any.
  • Our skilled sales professionals supported by our web research and database management teams work closely like an extension of your own sales team.

Our appointment setting services are designed to support and enhance the sales processes for modern businesses and enterprises including banks, mortgage firms, retailers, customer care and marketing companies.