Event Marketing/ Data Management Services

With our Event Marketing/ Data Management Services, get fully-packed booths and auditoriums, and relevant turnout – both for events conducted online and offline!

Capture, manage and tie back meetings, conferences, seminars, webinars and other such marketable events, as strategic elements of your organization’s success. Draw significant return on investment and strategic return on objectives with event data management services at Interloper, Inc..


If you are striving to increase the registration rate of your events, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, webinars, etc., we, at Interloper, Inc., provide a completely validated trade and event marketing list to reach out to the targeted clients and high value prospects, substantially improving your conversion rate. This kind of controlled event/ exposition marketing and promotion help you streamline your registrations, request targeted audience, make a pitch and persuade the prospects to get registered. Extending quality invitation based on an accurate and reliable marketing list scores above the conventional industry-wide email blasts.

To make your upcoming seminar, trade show or PR Event a business success and to boost your customer relationships, we can create customized contact list data centered on your prospect identification across industries and geographies.

With our event data management services, we can advance your event by:

  • Listing targeted audience
  • HTML email invitation
  • Sending marketing collaterals
  • Invitation follow-up either through email or telephone
  • Generating new prospects
  • Scheduling booth appointments
  • Post-event appointment setting and lead generation
  • Post-event/webinar follow-up
  • Lead Qualification and prospecting
  • We can update your CRM system, or can deliver the data in virtually any file format you require for your sales management system.

Interloper, Inc. offers you complete and comprehensive Event Data Management Services for your conferences, conventions, webinars and other such strategic summits and events right from sending invitation, updating the outcome using your CRM or any other sales management system, scheduling follow-up and reminder calls/ emails, and ultimately ensuring that your target audiences, turn in. With our Contact Discovery Services, we can also help you unearth fresher leads for your events.