Lead Qualification Services

With our Lead Qualification Services, optimize your prospect-to-sales conversion ratio across the enterprise.

Business inquiries in a raw format with an exceedingly short shelf-life – ‘LEADS’ are unqualified sales prospects gathered through various publicity and marketing campaigns. Getting high-grade leads is an incessant challenge. With our Lead Qualification Services, we do the initial qualifying and prospecting of the leads.  Once the leads are “mature”, we hand them over to your internal sales group.


We understand that your inquiries and leads are short-lived and exigent. The majority of prospective buyers, who inquire and transact online, pick the first company who gets in touch. With our quick response time in qualifying the leads, we can help you draw the most from your inquiries.

We help our clients with reviewed and qualified prospective leads to transform them into sales opportunities.  Using a combination of data quality processing techniques and online research, email follow up and phone support, we examine and analyze each lead.

With our lead qualification services, we help you simplify the process of qualifying, sorting, cleansing, appending and following-up on leads captured through your marketing channels, viz.:

  • Contact us forms
  • Web inquiries
  • Request for quote
  • Online referral sources
  • Inbound calls
  • Demo downloads
  • Events, webinars, tradeshows
  • White paper/case study downloads
  • Industry databases
  • News release, magazine cover stories

Our sales data analysts qualify or disqualify leads based on your qualification rule-sets or the “must have” criteria to ensure they fit within your target prospect profile, the leads’ attributes suggest an interest in your products or services, have allocated budgets, and fit your delivery time frames. Consequently, with the objective to establish and further nurture the level of interest represented by the lead, we closely follow-up and pursue, either by email or phone, each pre-qualified lead.

Interloper, Inc. optimizes your lead qualification process by:

  • Helping you direct your sales team’s time and effort on highly qualified leads
  • Improving lead quality and closure rates by supporting you with superior sales intelligence and all the data elements you need for improved conversion
  • Passing on hot leads instantly to your sales team through our fast response rate and timely follow-up
  • Recognizing the decision-makers in the ordering process
  • Creating a business development database of opt-in leads for the purpose of lead nurturing
  • Supporting you in improved and prioritized leads distribution among your internal sales teams
  • Reducing cost per opportunity and improving marketing ROI