OCR Form Processing Services

Interloper, Inc. offers high-quality OCR form processing services to assist organizations convert business-critical data stored in scores of scanned handwritten/printed documents into machine-editable format. Our experts use cutting-edge technology and tools to identify valuable information from scanned forms, paper files, word documents, applications, etc., convert it into digital files and process the data efficiently, thereby making it easy to access and retrieve critical records just in time.


Backed by experience of over a decade and a half, we provide reliable services with complete accuracy and in quick turnaround time. Our experts work as an extension of the client’s in-house team, analyze their specific business needs and deliver solutions bespoke to their requirements.

A Quick Glance at Our OCR Form Processing Services

To deliver complete accuracy in a timely manner, we employ Optical Character Recognition System (OCR) with an optical scanner to ensure that all the relevant and required data is entered and arranged in editable, electronic format, thus enhancing your business processes and productivity. The technology makes it easy to differentiate between page layouts, languages, symbols as well as font styles.

Key features and benefits of our OCR form processing services:

  • Our experts will draw out relevant information from the scanned documents and store it in a digital format such as MS Word, MS Excel, Access, etc.
  • We can capture data accurately from all types of documents, files and forms.
  • We verify and validate the data to ensure it is reliable.
  • We deliver 99.995% accuracy in all our projects.

Regardless of the volume and complexity of your project, our professionals deliver efficient services and help you save your valuable time and money that can be invested in core business activities. Through our services, we help you reduce paper management costs, and access, manage and update business-critical data easily and quickly.

Your Data is Secure with Interloper, Inc.!

We are ISO 27001:2005 certified for Information Security Management, thus we go the extra mile to ensure that safety of your business-critical data is never compromised. We access your information via a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server or Virtual Private Network (VPN). We also provide round the clock support to answer your queries and keep you posted about the progress of the project.

Once OCR form processing is complete, Interloper, Inc. also provides OCR cleanup services to help you remove errors in the captured data using robust OCR tools.