Rebate Processing Services

In-house rebate processing requires a lot of man power and, consequently, tends to be prohibitively expensive. At Interloper, Inc. we provide comprehensive and highly competent Rebate Processing Services to emancipate your business of the expenses and intricacies of processing rebates in-house. Our Rebate Processing Services professionals will build you a loyal base of satisfied customers and help you rake in more profits.


Make Interloper, Inc. your Rebate Processing Services outsourcing partner:

  • Our processing costs are significantly lower than those of other vendors. By making us your Rebate Processing Services outsourcing partner, you will make cost savings of as much as 60%.
  • We will validate rebate claims with one hundred per cent accuracy. We will also remove duplication in rebate claims processing.
  • We can provide customized Rebate Claims Processing Services as per your needs.
  • The professionals at Interloper, Inc. can perform rebate claims data entry both online and offline. We will help you digitize your rebate claims data for quick referral and retrieval.
  • We are ISO 27001:2005 certified for Information Security Management and your rebate claims data will be completely secure in our hands.
  • Besides being accurate and reliable, our services are also fast. We will process your rebate claims in the briefest possible time.

As a part of our Rebate Processing Services we perform:

  • Tax rebate check processing
  • Rebate check printing and mailing
  • Rebate order processing
  • Back office rebate processing
  • Rebate survey and poling