Travel Claim Forms Processing

As much as you would want your clients’ business and leisure tours to go smoothly, Interloper, Inc. can help you make it possible. With our travel claim forms processing services, we aim to assist tour and travel agencies across the globe accurately enter, digitize and process thousands of travel claim forms while they focus on delivering best-value international and domestic holidays along with other travel-related services. We also help travelers efficiently manage their claim forms to simplify the claim settlement process for them and help them get reimbursement for expenses.


Interloper, Inc. houses a dedicated and able team of data entry specialists, QA and project managers, helping you right from capturing, verifying and validating, formatting, processing and presenting critical information in digital file format of your choice. Our experts are adept at extracting pertinent data from handwritten, printed and scanned travel claim forms quickly, thus helping you save your valuable time and money required to efficiently manage the documents.

As part of our travel claim forms processing services, we help you process information from the following documents that support travel claims:

  • Claimant’s statement
  • Receipts and bills for all expenses
  • Tickets and proof of payments
  • Physician’s Statement, in case of medical claim, etc.
  • Police reports, in case of car collision or stolen baggage

To make it easy for you to manage, store and access required information quickly, our experts deftly enter the data in all the fields including Traveler ID Field, Departure Date/Time Field, Arrival Date/Time Field, and Departing from Field, Destination Field, Means of Travel Field, Airfare/Rail Fare/Car Rental Field and Miscellaneous Expenses’ Field.

Once the data is entered, our Quality Assurance (QA) team performs quality checks and ensures that there are no errors in the final outcome. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we are committed to delivering high-quality services with 99.995% accuracy.

Besides processing travel expense claims, we also provide Survey Data Processing, Insurance Claim Processing, Healthcare Check-up Form processing and other services.