Data Entry and Management for Real Estate/Mortgage Industry

Stringent regulatory measures, instability and constant change are some of the challenges that the real estate/mortgage industry is facing at present. Thus, to gain competitive advantage and get insights into the market, it has become a must for realtors and mortgage companies to have easy access to real-time data. Overloaded with scores of documents such as contracts, sales reports, leases, surveys, etc., realtors and mortgage lenders must deftly organize, manage and update the valuable data while ensuring high level of productivity.


Having a resource pool of advanced technology and tools, processes and experts, Interloper, Inc. provides data entry and data management solutions that are tailored specifically for the real estate/mortgage sector. Through our customized services, we help realtors, contractors, appraisers and mortgage lending companies improve operational efficiency and build a scalable environment besides saving their time and cost that can be invested in core operations. Our team of data entry experts helps in maintaining relevant, accurate, and up-to-date data sets, which are easy to access and retrieve.

Let’s walk you through a rich gamut of services that we offer for the real estate/mortgage sector:

Data Entry Services: Holding more than 15 years of experience in this domain, we provide quality data entry services that include keying-in business-critical information from loan applications, forms, invoices, leases, agreements, etc., to help real estate owners and mortgage lenders maintain accurate and precise database. Our team of data entry experts performs offline and online data entry, collect information from vendors and customers, etc.

Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services: To help you improve the quality of your data sets, we remove incorrect, duplicate, redundant and obsolete information, mend records and complete the missing entries to ensure that your database is accurate, complete and current.

Web Research/ Data Mining Services: Our professionals conduct a thorough web research to help you fetch relevant and critical information available on several sites. They also mine the datasets to capture details including Beneficiary information, property details, loan amount, etc.

Account Profiling Services: As part of our specialized data support and sales support services, we help real estate professionals acquire information about their potential customers and segment the accounts as per their geography, demography, psychographics and social-cultural factors.

Providing cost efficient solutions, we help realtors and mortgage lenders endure the economic uncertainty prevalent these days and ensure proper functioning of their business. By outsourcing your data entry requirement to us, you can reduce your administrative burden and operational costs by up to 40-50% and concentrate on core business activities.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001:2005 certified for Information Security Management, we ensure complete data confidentiality and maintain 99.99% accuracy in all the projects, regardless of how complex and huge they are.