Data Entry, Indexing and Management for DMS Companies

Interloper, Inc. can help Document Management System Companies to efficiently capture, store and retrieve their paper or PC based information, which means no more lost documents, and no costly misfiles. For more than a decade and a half, Interloper, Inc. has been providing cost-effective data entry and management services to companies working across Data Management System (DMS), Enterprise Content Management System (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Communication Management (CCM) industry across the globe.

Data Entry Indexing and Management for DMS Companies

Working as an extension of the clients’ in-house team, we help them scan and index the documents, key-in required information in suitable file formats and manage the data to ensure that it is accurate, thus enabling them focus their time and efforts towards core operations and drive business’s growth. Our experts are highly trained and have a broad understanding of a wide range of Data Management Systems. They can work in all the main languages including English, German, French, Swedish, Spanish and Italian.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of data entry and management services for DMS Companies:

Data Entry Services: Our data entry specialists capture all the required and relevant information from the documents and enter it into suitable file formats, as per the clients’ requirements. We follow Double Entry System wherein two professionals enter the same data to ensure zero errors in the final result. Further, our Quality Assurance (QA) professionals conduct quality checks to ensure 99.995% accuracy.

Scanning and Indexing Services: To make it easy for you to access and retrieve business-critical information quickly, we scan, digitize and index a number of documents including financial statements, invoices, vouchers, purchase orders, etc.

OCR Services: Providing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services at cost-effective prices, we help you convert your documents and images into electronic format that is easy to access, retrieve and edit.

Data Management Services: To ensure that your database contains accurate, dependable and up-to-date information, we cleanse, enrich and standardize the data efficiently. We identify incorrect, duplicate, incomplete and obsolete information, verify and validate it.

With extensive experience and domain knowledge, we provide a one stop shop to companies operating in DMS industry for their data entry and management needs. As an ISO 27001 certified company, we ensure utmost data security and confidentiality. We also provide round the clock customer support to respond to your queries as well as communicate project updates.