XBRL Data Conversion Services

eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is a markup language, with a potential to bring in better and faster set of data, enabling competent organizational decision-making, particularly in the sphere of business and financial reporting. XBRL comes from the family of XML (Extensible Markup Language) – designed to meet the challenges of a wide variety of data exchange between corporations on and off the internet, and large-scale electronic publishing.


XBRL supports a computer-readable tag to recognize each distinct item of data, enabling large pieces of facts and figures to be quickly transmitted through databases and websites. It facilitates smooth exchange of business reporting data by encoding the information in a meaningful way, whereby, a financial accounts document grows into “intelligent” data.

XBRL Data Conversion Services can be required by a wide variety of business and financial institutions for:

  • Reporting of the company’s financial status to both in-house and external stakeholders
  • Business reporting to all types of tax and financial regulatory authorities
  • Filing of loan applications and loan reports
  • Credit risk assessment
  • Authoritative accounting literature for record keeping and future reference of financial and statistical data

Advantages of XBRL Conversion:

  • Regulated financial reporting for filing financial reports
  • Quicker multi-language data reading capability
  • Allows smooth preparation, analysis and exchange of business information
  • More accurate analysis and validation of data received through XBRL
  • Substantial cost benefit in sending, receiving, validating and auditing the financial records
  • Significant time savings

Make Interloper, Inc. your XBRL Conversion Services Partner:

  • We offer XBRL conversion services to corporate and financial institutions
  • Over three years of experience in preparing regulatory filings
  • We are adept at XBRL Data Conversion Services for filing with MCA, SEC filing in USA, and/or any other regulatory authorities

Interloper, Inc. helps businesses submit their financial documents in XBRL format to the Securities and Exchange Commission, USA in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards. Our key XBRL Conversion Services include:

  • Systematically specifying financial statements with XBRL tags
  • Creating XBRL instance file in XML format for eFiling
  • Creating comprehensive taxonomy, if required
  • Delivering XBRL instance report in readable form
  • Validating tags and conducting appropriate calculations
  • Providing a summary report with all the focus points for clients’ review and concurrence on key tagging decisions and taxonomy labels added for line items in your financial report.

XBRL Conversion Service Process Flow:

Share with us your company’s financial reports and we will send back the validated and SCA filing-ready XBRL documents to you.

  • Clients can share their financial report in Word, Excel, or any other format.
  • Analysis of the Report
  • Mapping and tagging
  • Reviewing and Validation
  • Intricate quality control process
  • Generating XBRL Instance Document
  • Final report provided to the client for SEC filing, and/ or other regulatory filings.