Data Mining, Cleansing and Data Entry Services for Job Portals

Job portals provide a platform to recruiters and candidates to establish connections with each other. However, the constant battle to capture relevant and required data from a number of websites, online advertisements, employment agencies, news sites and internet magazines has placed immense pressure on the companies to balance the tasks and efficiently manage the job portal with current job postings.


Interloper, Inc. provides web research/data mining, data capture and management services, specifically tailored for job portals. Our dedicated and able professionals conduct thorough research to help you extract essential information related to the most lucrative job postings and enter it in the most preferred file format, so that it can be easily published on the site. Outsourcing non-core operations like data entry and management will help you save your time that can be invested on focusing on imperative business activities, while also saving company’s expense.

Interloper, Inc.’s portfolio of Back Office Data Management Services for Job Portals

Let’s walk you through our comprehensive range of back office data related services to help you gain competitive advantage:

Data Capture Services: We capture the data from handwritten and printed documents, forms, scanned images and digital files including audio, email, etc., and store it in an easy to access electronic file format including MS Word, MS Excel, TXT, PDF, RTF, HTML, SGML, XML, etc. We employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique to ensure 99.995% accuracy in all our projects.

Data Entry Services: We are equipped with highly trained and seasoned data entry specialists who help you key-in relevant information about applicants, job positions, companies, etc., with utmost accuracy and precision. We employ the Double Entry System (DES) wherein the same data is entered by two operators to ensure zero errors in your database of Job Portals/ Employment Sites / Job Directories.

Data Mining/Web Research Services: Our experts thoroughly research the internet and other sources of information including online employment magazines and news sites to help you collate all the relevant data related to job postings such as new job openings, resumes/contact details of job seekers, employers’ information, companies’ websites/URLs, etc., as well as required information from databases, files and images.

Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services: Since your data is captured from a number of sources, we ensure that it is clean and consistent across all platforms. So, our experts identify incorrect, irrelevant, missing and duplicate entries from the records and rectify them.

Data Processing Services: To help you manage your intensive database that contains information related to new jobs as well as applicants, we provide a complete suite of data processing services that includes forms processing, registration forms processing, etc.

Why Interloper, Inc.?

  • An ISO 27001 certified organization, Interloper, Inc. gives paramount importance to data security and confidentiality.
  • An ISO 9001 certified organization, we deliver high quality services and maintain complete accuracy in all the projects.
  • Through our cost-effective services, we help you reduce administrative burdens operational costs by up to 40-50%.
  • We assign a highly experienced Project Manager to communicate with you on a regular basis and keep you posted about the project’s progress.
  • We provide round the clock customer support.