Dictionaries, Manuals and Encyclopedias Data Entry

Dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias are troves of valuable information and knowledge. Even in our internet age when one can access millions of terabytes of information by just clicking a mouse, there is no convincing replacement of physical dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias. Unlike the often contradictory and half-baked knowledge found on the internet, dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias are sources of authentic and comprehensive information. However, flipping through them to trace the information you require tends to be rather time consuming because of their immense bulk. Storing and transporting them is difficult too. At Interloper, Inc. we provide Dictionaries, Manuals and Encyclopedias Data Entry Services to help you circumvent these difficulties.


Advantages of making us your Dictionaries, Manuals and Encyclopedias Data Entry Services partner:

  • We provide you a work of unsurpassable quality. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management System and will enter the data from all kinds of dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias with a nearly one hundred per cent accuracy.
  • Whenever feasible, we will use OCR and ICR tools to capture and digitize the data from your dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias.
  • Our teams are highly scalable. We also offer customized pricing packages depending upon the nature of the project and the size of the team deployed.
  • Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry. No matter how complex the project, our dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias data entry professionals can turn it around quickly without compromising on quality.
  • We can deliver the finished project in a variety of formats like MS Word (*.doc), PDF (*.pdf), MS Access (*.mdb), MS Excel, Text (*.txt), XML, CSV, HTML, XLS, DBF, etc.
  • We will index your dictionaries’, manuals’ and encyclopedias’ data in a manner that it can be easily searched and retrieved. We will, thus, improve the accessibility and usability of this data.
  • At Interloper, Inc. we provide 24*7 customer support. Besides, every project is supervised by a dedicated Project Manager who keeps you constantly updated on the progress of the work.