Survey/Questionnaire Data Entry Services

At Interloper, Inc. we provide efficient, adaptable and accurate Survey/Questionnaire Data Entry Services to help businesses get the most out of their survey efforts. Our astute and highly trained survey/questionnaire data entry services professionals will capture, collate and organize your survey and questionnaire data in a manner that it provides insights beneficial to your business. Besides entering survey/questionnaire data, the professionals at Interloper, Inc. can also help you devise surveys and design the most effective questionnaires. Irrespective of the kind of survey you undertake, product satisfaction survey, market research survey, or a survey of any other kind, we will enter its data quickly and flawlessly.


Advantages of making Interloper, Inc. your Survey/Questionnaire Data Entry Services partner:

  • At Interloper, Inc. we enter survey/questionnaire data with an intelligent combination of technology and human talent. Whenever viable, we employ OCR tools to capture your survey/questionnaire data. However, if they happen to be too complex to effectively yield to OCR tools, we enter their data manually.
  • Besides entering survey/questionnaire data, our professionals are extremely skilled at indexing and organizing it. At Interloper, Inc. we will meticulously enter, organize and index your survey/questionnaire data into an output format of your choice – MS Excel, MS Word, SPSS, SAS, MySQL, etc. We will ensure that your survey/questionnaire data is easily searchable and extractable.
  • At Interloper, Inc. we are deft at survey setup and design. How result yielding a survey is always depends upon its planning, preparation and execution. Our professionals will help you prepare apt and intelligent questionnaires which will yield data rich in insights. We are skilled at developing web based surveys too.
  • Very often, surveys and questionnaires tend to yield a large number of open ended responses. The survey/questionnaire data entry professionals at Interloper, Inc. will perform comment coding and entry to help you derive insights and quantifiable information from open ended responses. Our professionals are conversant with the jargon and technical vocabulary specific to a large variety of sectors and industries. We can, thus, process even the most jargon ridden responses to perform insightful comment coding and entry.
  • At Interloper, Inc. we perform high quality statistical reporting. Our professionals will perform intelligent frequency analysis and cross tabulation based on your survey/questionnaire data and prepare you presentation quality reports.

At Interloper, Inc. we perform survey/questionnaire data entry at the most competitive rates. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry.